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Version 3.0

CuteHotspot 3.0 is released.

Date: 11 Dec 2011.

Key new features

Ticket time of day limit

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Specify time of day limit for your tickets. If time of day is specified, a customer can't log in using this ticket at the other time.

Ticket traffic limit

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Specify traffic limit in Mbytes when you create pre-paid tickets. When the limit is over, the customer session is stopped even if some time is still left on the customer's balance.

Cash drawer support

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Use CuteHotspot main menu > Tools > POS. Cash drawer to connect program to your cash drawer. Cash drawer opens when you change a customer balance or start/extend/stop customer sessions.

Quick setup

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Use Quick setup screen to configure base options when you install the program: change currency, setup guest rates, create tickets, change administrative password, etc.

Import customers

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Right click on the customer list, select "Import" to import your customers from Excel file.

Customer search

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Search the customers typing id, login or name above the customer list.

Minor features and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • Use webcam to get customer photo
  • Customer photo is displayed on the session info panel
  • URL log: customer login and session number
  • Free tickets
  • Daily report: operator list
  • Expiry date on Wi-Fi info page
  • Change Wi-Fi billing port
  • Minutes on printed tickets

Bugs fixed:

  • Ticket unlimited time on Windows 7
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