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Point of Sale, Cash Drawer

You can sell drinks, snacks and other items to your customers.

Walk-in sale

Use a walk-in sale for guest customers who don't use any terminals. Click on the "Walk-in sale" button in the toolbar:

Select an item, enter quantity and press the "Add" button to add the item to the bill. Double-click on an item to add it with quantity = 1. Double-click on an item in the bill or press the "Remove" button to remove the item from the bill.

You can use the inventory system to control item Available amount or use your barcode scanner to sell the items.

Collect cash, give change and print a receipt if needed. Press the "Paid" button to close the sale.

Member sale

Member sale is like a walk-in sale, but is made for a particular member.

Select a customer in the list and press the "Sell" button:

If the member account is pre-paid and there is not enough money left on the balance, you will not be able to make the sale.

Cash drawer

Use CuteHotspot main menu > Tools > POS. Cash drawer to connect program to your cash drawer. Cash drawer opens when you change a customer balance or start/extend/stop customer sessions.

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