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Point-of-Sale. Receipt

Print a receipt when you close a session or sale, top-up a customer account, sell a ticket or extend a session.

CuteHotspot receipt consists of a few sections which can be some text, a picture (e.g. your club logo), a service list, tax, sum total, etc.

You can add, delete or modify any section, move the section up or down, change the font and alignment, select a picture on your local drive to put on the receipt, underline a section, etc.

Select a default printer for your receipts, setup a receipt position on the paper (left, top), receipt width, section height and margins in millimeters, specify whether the receipt border is printed.

You can also modify the pre-defined labels such as "Total", "Tax", "Amount", etc., translating them into your own language (the "Labels" button), and print a test receipt.


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