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There are three types of customer accounts in CuteHotspot:

1. Guest. This is a customer account which you can use for any customer.

2. Member. Any customer which has balance in your cyber cafe. You create member accounts manually.

3. Ticket (time code). Pre-generated account which can be sold to any customer. You generate a number of tickets for further use.

Customer account

Property Meaning
Enabled Whether this account can be used to login
Minutes Amount of time left on the account
Balance Amount of money left on the account
Credit Maximum amount (negative) which a customer owes your cyber cafe (negative). When a customer balance exceeds credit amount, neither a session can be started nor an item can be sold to the customer.
Traffic/Max Current/max amount of Internet traffic used
Rates Pricing package. If assigned, the customer can't select another one when logging in.
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Payment Pre-paid or post-paid method
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Colour box Highlight a customer account in the customers list and the sessions list

Add time/money (top-up)

Select a customer in the list and click the "Top-up" button:

Enter time/money amount, select a payment method (cash, credit card):

Use the Promotion option to top-up an account without charging any real money. Promotion amounts are displayed in the reports separately.


Only a supervisor account (Adm) or a "User access administrator" can change user security settings.

Option Meaning
Login Can login into CuteHotspot Administrator. Such users are highlighted by red in the customer list
Reports Can login into CuteHotspot Reports
User access administrator Can change user security settings
Max number of occupied terminals How many terminals can be occupied using this account simultaneously
Inventory administrator Configure inventory, add and remove items
Refunds Make refunds

The other options are:

Adm account rule. Administrator account (Adm) security settings can be changed by Adm user only. Administrator can change the security settings of any user account.

Login name rule. An operator can set an account login name when he creates a new user account. An operator can't change his own login name. Administrator and user security administrators can change any login name.

Password rule. An operator can set a password when he creates a new user account. Any user can change his password. Administrator and user security administrators can change any password.

Enable/disable account rule. Only administrator and user security administrators can enable/disable a user account.

Scan customer documents

Scan customer documents such as a photo, passport, driving license, etc. Click on the customer icon to scan a photo or use the Documents tab to scan any other documents.

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