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Tickets (Time Codes)
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Sessions
Point-of-Sale, cash drawer
Goods and Stock
Daily Report


PayPal and Credit Cards Support
Sales Report
Traffic Calculation and URL Log
Bandwdith Management
White List
Point-of-Sale. Receipt
Database Workshop


Option Meaning


Club name Your cafe/club/hote/etc. name
Language Interface language
Disable multiple login Don't allow simultaneous logins using a single account
Shift control Enable shift control. Started shift is required to accomplish any transaction
Rounding Round total session amount. For example, if Rounding = 0.5 and the session total = 1.30, it's rounded to 1.50. Rounding disabled when = 0


Display session Display the brief session info pane
Display tickets Display the sale ticket pane
Refresh sessions every X min How often the sessions pane is refreshed


Time/money warn when left Mimimal amount of time/money left when warnings (colours, dialogs, sounds, etc.) are displayed
Time/money button 1, button 2, etc. Amount of time/money that is added to a session when you press the corresponding button on the "Add time/money" dialog
Show time left warnings on the server side Display warnings on the server side


Ticket name by default A name which is assigned to tickets when you create them
Login mask Add preffix/postfix to a ticket login. When not empty, must contain %s (e.g. 200801%s). This option is only applied when you create tickets with login = random option selected.
Ticket terminal count limit by default Default "Maximum number of occupied terminals" when you create tickets
Design Ticket layout on a printed page
Password Specify a password length, choose whether a password contains letters or numbers or both, select the upper or lower case and view an example


Specify the commands to run when you press F2..F9 keys

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