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How to...


How to setup CuteHotspot


How to setup distinct pricing for each group of customers
How to setup a particular pricing
How to set a default pricing for a customer


How to configure a customer account
How to top-up a customer balance
How to configure user access


How to create tickets
How to print tickets
How to sell tickets online
How to sell tickets offline
How to log in using a ticket
How to delete and recover tickets


How to use pre-paid and post-paid sessions
How to start a session from a terminal
How to monitor customer sessions
How to sell a product (drink, snack, etc.) during a session
How to stop a session from a terminal
How to stop a session from the server
How to close a session
How to make a refund


How to calculate session Internet traffic/bandwidth
How to limit your terminals Internet bandwidth
How to add wi-fi billing exceptions so that some websites or terminals aren't blocked (white list)

Point of sale

How to make a walk-in (guest customer) sale
How to make a member sale
How to customize a receipt
How to control item available amount in the stock
How to use a barcode scanner to sale items


How to backup/restore CuteHotspot database and system files
How to configure the backup schedule


How to briefly view your cafe daily activity and financial data
How to analyze your business data
How to clean up the database


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