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Beta 2.4

CuteHotspot 2.4 is released.

Date: 16 May 2011.

Key new features

Export to CSV

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Export most of the lists (tickets, sales, etc.) to CSV-files, which you can open in Open Office and other programs.

Custom ticket layout

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Customize your ticket print layout, add/remove captions, add your cafe logo, etc. Edit tickets.layout file in the CuteHotspot folder. Preview ticket layouts.

Cut tickets

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Print a number of tickets on the same page (e.g. A4) or cut every ticket (1 page = 1 ticket). The latter approach is useful when you print tickets on the receipt printer.

Minor features and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • New operator access option: top-up customer accounts
  • No need to restart server any more when new tickets created
  • "Run as Administrator" not required to register the software
  • Sell items: fractional quantities
  • Options value field size increased

Bugs fixed:

  • "List index..." error when adding inventories
  • Incorrect redirect link
  • Receipt. Font color not saved
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