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Beta 2.3

CuteHotspot 2.3 is released.

Date: 18 Oct 2010.

Key new features

Scan customer documents

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Scan customer documents such as a photo, passport, driving license, etc. Click on the customer icon to scan a photo or use the Documents tab to scan any other documents.

Session rounding

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Round total session amount using CuteHotspot main menu > Tools > Options > Rounding option. For example, if Rounding = 0.5 and the session total = 1.30, it's rounded to 1.50.

Ticket printer

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Select a ticket printer if it's not your Windows default one. For example, you can select your POS printer as your ticket printer.

Minor features and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • Tickets are available on the expiry date and disabled the next day
  • Security options: change time/money and paid amounts
  • Log outs list performance improvement

Bugs fixed:

  • Ticket login mask isn't applied to "login = ID" tickets
  • Traffic counter resets when the info page refreshes
  • Incorrect 1-minute rounding
  • Duplicated Wi-Fi sessions when a terminal IP is changed
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